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This blog introduces SailPoint IIQ. Our SailPoint IdentityIQ Tutorials covers its overview, new features and how to get started with SailPoint IdentityIQ.

SailPoint IdentityIQ is the industry-leading identity platform, offering integrated access management.

This course will teach you to leverage SailPoint IdentityIQ as part of an enterprise identity and access management solution in an organized, efficient, secure, fine, contextual way.

It will also discuss deployment terms, uses cases and SailPoint IdentityIQ advantages. So, let’s dive right in to the blog.

What does SailPoint IIQ stand for?

SailPoint IdentityIQ offers comprehensive Identity Access Management (IAM) and IGA solutions, giving employees, partners, and customers access to apps when needed.

While automatically withdrawing this access when the connection ends. Securing your organization and increasing productivity and engagement at once!

Effective access management entails efficiently matching application access with governance standards and finding and eliminating security vulnerabilities to lower audit failure, provide increased visibility and control and facilitate audit compliance.

SailPoint’s IIQ product provides highly scalable and automated password, sign-on, user lifecycle and access request management to safeguard enterprise environments while centralizing control over access requests for all system access points.

SailPoint allows employees and IT to securely and quickly gain access to resources when they are required, without the complexity and risks associated with manual identity provisioning and de-provisioning processes.

What is IIQ in SailPoint?

These comprehensive solutions enable enterprises to effectively regulate all identities and their access within an enterprise environment.

As an identity governance platform, IIQ oversees user identities and access across an enterprise as part of its full identity lifecycle management.

IdentityIQ (formerly SailPoint IIQ) is an identity governance solution which comprehensively manages every aspect of user identities across an organization’s IT systems.

An automated and well-managed identity governance platform empowers employees and IT teams with speed, agility, and efficiency when following proper procedures to access resources.

What are forms in SailPoint IIQ?

SailPoint IdentityIQ user interface consists of forms that appear when users interact with the system that collect, display and lead users through identity management and access governance procedures.

They specialize in user registration, self-service password resets, role assignments, access requests and approval procedures and much more!!

SailPoint IIQ forms can be tailored to meet organizational requirements by customizing them with user information, roles, access privileges, rationale statements and more.

Users and administrators will find this system intuitive to use due to user-friendly forms.

SailPoint IdentityNow (IN), as a central hub for identity, governance and access requests, features forms. In order to provide users with only relevant information and duties related to them based on their responsibilities and permissions.

Forms are at the core of SailPoint IIQ user experience and allow organizations to collect and display identity and access management data.

What is workflow in SailPoint IIQ?

Workflow orchestrate identity related operations within SailPoint IIQ by automating identity related processes or actions in SailPoint IIQ.

Workflows provide an effective method for overseeing identity-related events and processes. Workflows help maintain consistent, efficient request, change, and issue management using an organized methodology.

Workflows provide effective management for identification and access management, including:

Access Request Management

Workflows can facilitate submission, review and approval phases for access requests submitted via workflows, providing assurance they follow an established approval procedure as well as engaging the necessary people or groups in decision-making processes.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Workflows automate account creation, updating, and termination for employees joining or departing an organization as well as any changes in roles they are assigned.

They help preserve an identity repository while restricting access when an employee joins/leaves/transforms roles or the identity repository is altered in any way.

Identity Governance

Workflows can efficiently track access entitlement reviews and certifications for stakeholders, notify of updates as necessary and collect evidence necessary for approval or recertification by stakeholders.

Identity Intelligence

Workflows can use identity intelligence to detect suspicious activity and respond when risk thresholds are breached or strange patterns emerge, setting in motion investigations or remedies as necessary.

SailPoint IIQ provides an editor to quickly build workflows tailored to organization’s individual needs, such as tasks, decision points, alerts and escalated notifications or system connections.

Workflows simplify identity and access management, reduce manual labor, increase auditability and uphold consistent standards across an enterprise.

They structure event-related identity management ensuring timely responses while increasing security and compliance.

Why SailPoint IIQ?

SailPoint’s leading Identity Governance technology, IdentityIQ, ensures identities are managed across your company with great capabilities.

From workers and partners to customers and beyond, from accessing corporate resources at appropriate times with appropriate reasons.

IdentityIQ protects identity within all departments while being managed securely and intelligently for all identities across it all.

Organizations favor SailPoint IdentityIQ for several key reasons, including strong access governance:

Centralizing Identity and Access Governance

IdentityIQ enables an organization to centralized manage its identity and access landscape by designing and enforcing access policies across hybrid IT environments in accordance with industry laws while decreasing credential-based breaches.

Automated Identity Lifecycle Management

With IdentityIQ automation features for onboarding, identity provisioning, role administration and deprovisioning to ensure timely access for employees or clients at consistent intervals across an organization.

Streamlining identity management costs while saving operating expenses while increasing audit and compliance rates can all benefit greatly from having this level of access management software in place.

Extensible Identity Analytics

IdentityIQ provides in-depth analyses on identity and access actions, trends and anomalies to help organisations pinpoint security concerns quickly, identify suspicious activities immediately and remain proactive against future incidents.

Improved User Experience

IdentityIQ provides end users and administrators alike an effortless user experience for identity governance with its simple UI, improving productivity while decreasing helpdesk requests and increasing overall satisfaction among its user population. This results in enhanced productivity, reduced helpdesk calls, and greater user happiness overall.


IdentityIQ can integrate seamlessly with numerous corporate systems, apps and directories to enable companies to leverage IT assets as identity management assets across their IT environments.

Scalable Architecture

IdentityIQ provides large, complex companies with scalable architecture that meets the ever-evolving identity and access needs of evolving enterprises, handling millions of identities and transactions for them as their programs progress.

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a robust yet flexible identity and access management solution, that assists enterprises to effectively administer identities, minimize risks, and comply with industry compliance policies in their IT ecosystems.

What is role in SailPoint IIQ?

SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) provides identity governance services by authorizing users access to digital resources based on predetermined criteria and identity verification processes.

Are You an Identity Administrator, Access Requestor or Identity Manager Want more info about SailPoint IIQ Roles or any of these roles?

Well-read on then…

 Identity Administrator

This role oversees and configures the platform; creates new accounts; monitors user activities.

Identity Manager

Responsible for overseeing users’ identities and access permissions; these functions typically define roles, regulate access to systems and data, as well as implement policies.

Access Requestors

Individuals or teams that make requests to gain entry to systems or data as part of their duties (typically within their role).

Job responsibilities for these positions will differ based on an organization’s requirements and the scope and magnitude of IdentityIQ platform.

What is SailPoint used for?

SailPoint provides enterprise identity governance to enable businesses to monitor users’ access to critical systems.

Their solutions allow customers to efficiently manage identities, access, and credentials in an adaptable and streamlined manner.

SailPoint IIQ provides organizations with an efficient solution for providing and managing user access to applications and data securely, mitigating security breaches, identity theft and other cyber risks.

Is SailPoint IIQ easy to learn?

SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ), an Identity Governance platform developed to assist businesses in controlling who has access to what online resources, requires some adjustment time.

Learning SailPoint IIQ depends heavily on its specific circumstances; for instance, its complexity will differ based on factors like an individual user’s previous knowledge and expertise with identity management systems.

Identity governance consists of access requests, certification campaigns and role management essential skills for people without extensive expertise in identity management.

sailpointtrainings resources, videos, and in-person courses provide great resources. However, nothing beats actually diving in with Course material to gain hands-on knowledge of cloud development.

SailPoint IIQ’s architecture emphasizes user simplicity in identity governance, so if you already possess knowledge about identity management then learning curve may be shorter.

Your position within your company could make learning SailPoint IIQ challenging; learning objectives differ for developers than identity administrators, for instance.

Still, with proper instruction and practice it should be possible to master SailPoint IIQ successfully.

Follow these steps to improve your education: First, familiarize yourself with identity and access management’s basic principles.

Take advantage of sailpointtrainings online training courses now by enrolling for one.

Thirdly, if you have access to a test environment, use it as an opportunity to develop your skills under the guidance of industry’s best educators and stay abreast of new innovations and industry standards.

Utilize this platforms invaluable source of industry updates and cutting-edge developments.

Provisioning in SailPoint IIQ

Provisioning in SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) automates user account administration by setting up, updating, or cancelling accounts based on policies or rules.


IIQ integrates with Active Directory, Azure AD and SaaS apps that supply user accounts through these connections to communicate effectively with these systems.

Provisioning Policies

IIQ’s provisioning policies control user accounts in linked systems through attributes, conditions and actions-based rules.


Events or schedules may trigger provisioning requests. For instance, when new employees join and their identities are created in IIQ, associated systems can create accounts in their name for them to use.

Automated Provisioning

IIQ utilizes policies to identify target system actions when an alert or provisioning request is executed – be it creating new accounts, updating an existing one (role change), or cancelling them out altogether (employee exit).


IIQ can perform regular data synchronization between user files and associated systems to update information as it changes, detect and manage target system modifications as required and manage systemic shifts more effectively.

Reciprocal Provisioning

Much provisioning activity involves two-way process: IIQ creates target system accounts and retrieves user information thereby keeping user identities and access privileges consistent across platforms.

Provisioning in SailPoint IIQ automatically manages user accounts and access privileges according to business requirements, providing compliance while decreasing administration work required to keep track of individual user accounts in each system.

Target mapping in SailPoint IIQ

SailPoint IIQ Target Mapping connects entities found within an identity repository such as Human Resources databases, Active Directory accounts or cloud directories with entities contained within its Identity Model; an elaborate framework detailing identity management data objects and relationships.

SailPoint IIQ relies heavily on this procedure for optimal functioning. The software needs to accurately and safely ingest identity data from user storage systems and applications in order to model identities and manage access permissions efficiently and reliably.

Target mapping begins by creating model layers. Create data objects representing identity repository users, groups, roles and any other entities during this stage.

Once the model layer has been defined, create the connecting layer. Here you may customize how SailPoint IIQ imports and updates user data from an identity repository.

Step five involves setting up model-target system connections by specifying mappings.

These mappings may consist of usernames, user IDs, group names and IDs, roles or any combination thereof to link identity qualities with directory attributes, organizational structures, permissions or access data.

The SailPoint IIQ console makes mapping creation and management possible.

SailPoint IIQ provides identity and access management through the creation and maintenance of mappings.

In order to accomplish its tasks efficiently and successfully, target mapping in SailPoint IIQ requires intricate knowledge about both its platform and identity and access management technologies.

This requires experienced SailPoint engineers or system administrators managing this complex task.

Features of SailPoint IIQ

SailPoint IIQ provides businesses with a powerful, intelligent identity governance solution with many capabilities including:

Access Certification, Request Management and Governance, Automated Provisioning or Deprovisioning and Provision Analytics Reports or Identity Access Center or Data Governance are amongst others available as means for increasing security within an organization’s Access Governance plan.

Identity Intelligence – AI/ML driven identity governance, Behavior analytics as well as Threat detection and response are part of Identity Intelligence solutions.

Support and integration across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS environments as well as IdaaS platforms; capture, cleanse and enrich identity data while supporting privacy by design and consent-based data sharing are the cornerstones of success in any enterprise environment.

SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) is the market-leader for identity governance solutions.

Use cases for SailPoint IdentityIQ

Here are a few specific use cases of SailPoint IdentityIQ powerful Identity Governance platform:

Access Request Management

Simplify and automate access request approval processes while offering complete visibility and audit trails for accountability purposes.

Access Certification

Conduct periodic reviews using an intuitive user interface designed specifically for examiners, and track certification progress across your enterprise.

Identity Intelligence

Get insights into identity and access relationships within your organization so as to make smarter decisions and manage risk more efficiently.

Identity Governance

Oversee all stages of an identity’s lifecycle, manage access to systems and data sources, ensure regulatory and policy compliance, and monitor individual rights of use.

Recognize, quantify, and minimize identity risk throughout your enterprise using an effective risk register and configurable risk models to prioritize risk mitigation strategies.

Gain visibility of access rights, enforce segregation of duties policies and manage and audit access to mission-critical systems and data.

Data Governance

Safeguard the movement and use of sensitive data by auditing its movement and use, managing its lifecycle and assuring compliance with GDPR/CCPA or any other data regulations.

SailPoint IdentityIQ applications span many fields. With its comprehensive set of capabilities that empower organizations to secure digital identities and access, as well as comply with specific industry-related regulations and needs.

Terms used in SailPoint IIQ

Here are the key terms associated with SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ), an advanced Identity Governance platform:

Identity Governance (IG) is a set of policies and technologies designed to enable businesses to efficiently administer user identities with associated access permissions in an efficient and transparent fashion.

Identity Analytics (IA) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to deliver insightful analytics designed to uncover identity-related risks, enhance business operations and ensure regulatory compliance.

Identity management (IDM) refers to a set of policies and technologies which facilitates the administration of an individual’s digital identity as well as his or her entitlements for accessing digital resources.

Identity Provisioning refers to the process of creating new user accounts and setting each of their access permissions.

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) refers to a set of policies and technologies designed to facilitate identity and access governance processes within an organization.

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) refers to the practice of overseeing an individual’s identity and access privileges from when they first join until their departure from the system.

Does SailPoint have future?

Digital transformation and remote work have led to greater need for identity access management (IAM) solutions such as SailPoint in cybersecurity strategies;

therefore, IAM solutions designed to secure digital resources, protect sensitive data, manage user identities, and administer user identities will likely become even more essential than before.

SailPoint is the market leader when it comes to IAM solutions, boasting over 1,000 companies using its solutions and boasting an expansive consumer base across various sectors and excellent product ratings.

Innovation: SailPoint has continuously acquired and produced new goods, investing in R&D efforts that incorporate AI, machine learning and automation will allow businesses to stay competitive.

Market Trends: SailPoint sees positive trends within the IAM industry as demand and growth continues. Security concerns, digital transformation efforts, and regulatory compliance regulations all warranting increased IAM solutions are expected to drive IAM solutions forward.

Financial Performance: Revenue growth, profitability, client acquisition rates and retention can provide insights into a company’s health and direction.

Competition and Strategy: Identity management is an intensely competitive industry; therefore it is necessary to examine SailPoint’s differentiation, positioning, and market adaptability before considering potential purchases or partnerships with competitors.

Projecting the future is challenging; to gain a clear picture, investors should conduct extensive analyses, reach out to industry experts, and study important sources.

IdentityIQ offers personalized protection of digital identities, data systems and systems across numerous sectors and use cases.

SailPoint IdentityIQ is an innovative solution that assists organizations in creating an identity infrastructure to support digital transformation and system security.

SailPoint IIQ Provisioning allows enterprises to effectively administer identity and access management, mitigating risk while meeting regulatory compliance and strengthening security.

If you have questions or would like additional details regarding SailPoint IIQ provisioning please let me know – let’s connect!

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